As a brand ambassador, you must have full knowledge of our hair products and services . You will need to submit a minimum of 4 photos, videos and/or blog posts (300 words max) a month. You are welcome to submit more, as the more you submit, the more often we can feature you on all our platforms. The videos/photos should highlight you using our products in some manner. Examples might be:

– A photo of you smiling beautifully with one or more of your favorite Just Joy Hair Products or Hair styles
– A 15 second video showing how you achieved a cute style using our products.
– A 15- 30 second video showing off your hairstyle that meets that guidelines for our brand
– A photo or 15 second video of you unpackaging your Just Joy Hair order.
– 300-word blog post detailing how you use or love Just Joy Hair Products
– 300-word blog post detailing how you achieve certain styles using Just Joy Hair Products.
– A 3-minute YouTube tutorial showing how you achieve a gorgeous style using Just Joy Hair products

The possibilities are endless. Be creative!