The Theory of Locs is NOT taught in Cosmetology School or Braiding Seminars, but you deserve this education!

Would you like to become a certified loctician?
Are you already a skilled stylist or loctition but would like to do some more training to improve your retwist and styling skills?
Are you a beginning loctition looking to strengthen their skills?
We host or partner with organizations that can help you excel in your craft so that you will have the proper tools and confidence as a loctician.
Just Joy Hair fosters a powerful contact list that is the blueprint to cutting expenses and maximizing on sales in the beauty industry.
Our locticians will possess the skills to keep their customers coming back for more..

You will see a substantial increase in your first year and grow your business.

Our system will give you the potential to make $100,000 a year over the next 5 years. The goal is to BRAND YOURSELF.

Our courses will teach you

● How to execute and identify 16 styling techniques
● Speak the language of a loctiton
● How to style with a high-quality finish.
● How to palm roll with a high-quality finish.
● Styling guides
● Product development and recommendations
● Selling products
● Increasing your service values
● Marketing your loctician services
● Your loctician branding strategy

Why trust our training?


In-depth Theory

Power Calls

Interactive Group Discussions


Pre-recorded Curriculum

Self Paced

Available 24/7

Your step-by-step roadmap to becoming a business professional and loctician.

Just Joy Hair Training Courses teaches you how to maximize profits and sales in the beauty industry and become a master loctician.
Develop personal confidence as you advance in brand awareness, product sales, business development, and the artistry of locs.

Do you want a piece of the $511 billion dollar pie? There is a slice waiting for you.

Learn how to create a specialty with business development

  • Master 16 styling techniques
  • Master loc maintenance, coiling, and twisting methods
  • Become a certified loctician
  • Establish a foundation for hair product development
  • Gain full access to product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors,
    branding agencies and more
  • Learn step-by-step instructions on getting into the Retail Stores
Just Joy Hair Contact List

Join us for training, and transform your life!
Just Joy Hair contact list is the blueprint to starting your own natural product and creating your own brand. We offer quality product manufacturers, suppliers, branding agencies, distribution channels, and more. Just Joy Hair aids in hassle-free results. We’ve done the research so you wouldn’t have to.

Why sell someone else’s product when you can sell your own? Imagine you and your clients using the same products during services and at home to help with their daily routines. Do you want to know the best part about all of it? Your revenue will increase 100% with our guidelines. Go from selling 1 product to 100,000 products with our system. You are the brand your client has been searching for.

With our system, you will become the next big brand

  • Grow your social media presence
  • Build your own Brand
  • Get in retail stores
  • Increase your revenue 100%
  • Cut cost on suppliers,
  • Up sale your products to your clients
  • Sell products wholesale at retail values
  • Create e-commerce systems


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